WCM Global Growth Limited Options Frequently Asked Questions

This post covers the most frequently asked questions regarding WCM Global Growth Limited’s (ASX:WQG) listed options (ASX:WQGOA).

If you owned shares in WCM Global Growth Limited at 5.00pm on 6 April 2021, you were issued with one bonus loyalty option for every three WQG shares you owned on that date. These options allow holders to purchase new WQG shares at a fixed price of $1.50 per share at any time up until 31 August 2022.

1. What was the record date for the issue of options?
The record date for the issue of options was 6 April 2021. Anyone who held WQG shares at 5pm on the record date received options.

2. How many options were issued?
Approximately 58.50m options were issued. Options were issued on a one for three basis. This means for every three WQG shares an investor owned on the record date, they were issued with one WQG option.

3. Where were my options allotted?
Options were allotted onto the HIN or SRN associated with your WQG shares at 5pm on the record date (6 April 2021).

4. What is the strike price?
The option strike price is $1.50. This is the price at which you can convert your options into WQG shares.

5. What is the ticker code?
The ASX ticker code is WQGOA.

6. What price are the options trading at?
WQGOA are tradable securities, just like WQG shares. You can buy and sell WQGOA via your share trading account in the same way you would buy and sell any ordinary shares. You can view the current price of WQGOA on the ASX website.

7. What are my choices as an option holder?
Your choices as an option holder are:

1. exercise your options,
2. sell your options on market, or
3. do nothing.

If you do nothing, your options may expire at 5.00pm on the expiry date and the value of your options held will be lost.

8. How do I exercise my options?
To exercise your options, complete and return an option exercise form (available here) and make payment via electronic funds transfer (EFT) using the details on the form. If you have EFT daily limits you can spread your payment over a number of days. If you aren’t able to use EFT you can post in your form and pay via cheque.

Exercised options will be converted into new shares on a fortnightly basis. Investors will receive a transaction statement when new shares are issued.

Exercised options will also be converted into new shares prior to any dividend record date to ensure investors who have exercised their options in anticipation of an upcoming dividend receive their dividend entitlement.

9. How do I sell my options?
You can sell your options in the same way you would sell any ordinary shares using your share trading account. For assistance selling your options please contact our share registry Link Market Services on 1300 795 998.

10. Will new shares be eligible for dividends?
New shares issued pursuant to the exercise of options will be pari passu (equal footing) with existing WQG shares. If the investor holds their new shares at the relevant dividend record date they will be entitled to the corresponding dividend.

11. What is the deadline to exercise?
The option expiry date is 31 August 2022. Option holders can choose to exercise their bonus options at any time up to 5.00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time on the expiry date.

12. Link to prospectus

If you have any further questions regarding WCM Global Growth Limited’s listed options, please don’t hesitate to contact the team on 1300 001 750 or via email at [email protected]

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