07/06/19 Employee Share Scheme Buy-Back and Appendix 3C VIEW
23/04/19 Appendix 4C – quarterly VIEW
13/03/19 Company Secretary Appointment/Resignation VIEW
06/03/19 Change of Director’s Interest Notice VIEW
22/02/19 Appendix 4D and half-year report VIEW
21/02/19 Change in substantial holding VIEW
22/01/19 Appendix 4C – quarterly VIEW
22/11/18 Company Secretary Appointment/Resignation VIEW
14/11/18 Final Director’s Interest Notice VIEW
13/11/18 Results of Meeting VIEW
13/11/18 Investor Presentation to the AGM VIEW
13/11/18 Chairman’s Address to Shareholders VIEW
12/11/18 Director Appointment/Resignation VIEW
23/10/18 Appendix 4C – quarterly September 2018 VIEW
12/10/18 Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement VIEW
12/10/18 Annual Report to shareholders VIEW
12/10/18 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form VIEW
19/09/18 Change of Director’s Interest Notice VIEW
18/09/18 Becoming a substantial holder VIEW
18/09/18 Change of Director’s Interest Notice VIEW