Coolabah Capital Investments (Coolabah) is a leading active credit manager with 13 analysts and 5 portfolio managers. Coolabah’s founder and CIO is Christopher Joye, one of Australia’s leading economists, policy advisors and fund managers, and a regular contributor to the Australian Financial Review.

Coolabah is the investment manager of the Switzer Higher Yield Fund (Managed Fund).

Coolabah manages approximately A$7 billion of assets (as at July 2021) on behalf of leading super funds, insurers, financial advisers and high net worth investors. Coolabah specialises in the generation of credit alpha through finding assets that are trading at a discount to fair value that will realise capital gains as their credit spreads normalise. This contrasts with conventional fixed income managers that try to boost their yields by chasing credit default risk, liquidity risk, and/or interest rate risk.