28/07/17 Ceasing to be a substantial holder VIEW
25/07/17 Change in substantial holding VIEW
24/07/17 Appendix 4C – quarterly VIEW
07/07/17 Funds Under Management and Advice – 30 June 2017 quarter VIEW
03/07/17 Change in substantial holding VIEW
16/06/17 Becoming a substantial holder VIEW
15/06/17 Contango Global Growth IPO Update VIEW
29/05/17 Update on new LIC – Contango Global Growth Limited VIEW
27/04/17 Securities Trading Policy VIEW
27/04/17 Appendix 4C – for 31 March 2017 Quarter VIEW
23/02/17 About the Appendix 4D Half Year Report VIEW
23/02/17 Half Yearly Report and Accounts VIEW
09/02/17 Plans to Launch new LIC with Global Securities Mandate VIEW
27/01/17 Appendix 4C – quarterly VIEW
24/01/17 Launch of Exchange Traded Managed Fund SWTZ VIEW
01/12/16 Investor Presentation VIEW
24/11/16 Change of Company Secretary and Registered Office VIEW
15/11/16 Results of Meeting VIEW
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