Contango Asset Management Limited

Contango Asset Management Limited (ASX:CGA) is a wholesale and Listed Investment Company (LIC) fund manager with mandates across the entire market capitalisation spectrum.

Contango currently manages large cap, mid cap, small cap, micro cap and income focused mandates for its institutional clients. It also manages two LIC mandates for Contango Income Generator Limited (CIE), and Contango Global Growth Limited (CQG), which listed in June 2017. Investors can invest directly in these LICs through their stock broker or financial planner.

Contango has a large and well-resourced investment team. The team includes 14 investment professionals with an average of over 20 year’s industry experience. The investment team is supported by an additional 9 support staff.

Contango uses a unique top-down and bottom-up investment process and has a proud history of delivering outperformance for its clients since 1998. Contango believes that having a macroeconomic capability is critical to constructing high performing portfolios that are able to outperform over the economic cycle.

Contango Asset Management Limited has an Investment Management Agreement (IMA) with Contango Income Generator Limited (CIE) and, through its wholly owned subsidiary Contango International Management Limited, Contango Global Growth Limited (CQG).

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